SKYBOKX 109 Sports Bar & Grill


SKYBOKX 109 Sports Bar & Grill

319 Speen Street

Natick, MA 01760

(508) 903-1600

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About Us

Sitting at home to watch the game is unappetizing! Come to SKYBOKX 109 Sports Bar & Grill to watch the game, drink good beer and eat!

If you’re a sports fan, we get it. You need to see the game, from all angles, at all times. And if you’re a sports fanatic like us, then we know this sometimes mean watching more than one game at the same time. We’ve got you covered. With 22 TV screens, up to 90′′ in size, lining our bar and around our dining area, you’ll be sure to catch all the action as it happens.

We’ve got wings, pizza or burgers perfect to wash down with your beer while you watch the game. We’re also serving a menu of entrees, salads, kids items and delicious starter dishes the whole family can come out and enjoy.